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Kilcock on The Royal Canal Greenway Update

The completion of the Royal Canal Greenway delivers a wonderful amenity for locals and tourists alike as well a massive opportunity for Kilcock’s business community.

To date most of the 84km route along the Royal Canal from Maynooth to Athlone is now fully accessible with the exception of a small section of the Greenway around Ferrans Lock (due to commence construction in the Spring).

Some bank widening on the section from spin bridge kilcock to ferns lock.

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From Dublin Docks to Blanchardstown the Greenway is now complete with the addition of lights and CCTV installed. The whole 26km of towpath from Maynooth to Dublin should have been complete by year end but some delays have arisen around the construction of the Greenway from Clonsilla to Leixlip. New planning is early stages here as there were concerns around the impact to bird life.

A promotional video has been released and shows some of the highlights of the Royal Canal Greenway so far.

Part of European Wide Network of Cycling Routes

The Royal Canal Greenway is part of European wide network of cycling routes. In the near future it is expected to extend further with a route from Athlone to Galway linking Dublin and Galway in a true Coast to Coast route for cyclists and walkers. The initiative is part of the greater Trans-European cycle route “EuroVelo 2” – a network of 15 long distance cycle routes connecting and uniting the whole European continent.

International Standard signage has been adopted for this Greenway European wide and can already be seen in Mullingar. Similar signage will be erected in the Kilcock area and will promote and illustrate local amenities, places of interest and local restaurants.

Some bank widening on the section from spin bridge kilcock to ferns lock.

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Canal Wardens

Whilst no there is no definitive date for the official opening of the Greenway the KBA understands that we should expect it to happen by the end of 2018. Canal wardens are now been appointed and will oversee control of the cycling and pedestrian bi-laws, vandalism and dog litter and some fishing regulations.

Putting Kilcock on the Map

Irelands Ancient East have recommended to us that the town of Kilcock be mentioned on the as Kilcock is midway between Trim Castle and Castletown estate. The KBA intend to pursue this further as the inclusion on such a map would greatly improve the visibility of Kilcock as part of the tourist trail.

There is little doubt that the new Greenway will allow for the development of new opportunities for those willing to expand an existing business or perhaps develop a something completely new. Bike hire shop… Anyone?

Thanks to Ger McGreeney for his assistance in putting together this article.

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