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Kilcock Tourism Group – Possible Projects

After the recent Town Health Check undertaken by Cathal OMeara Architects on behalf of the County Council, some of the projects put forward by the Kilcock Tourism Group have been shortlisted for consideration under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme (T&VRS).

Over the next few weeks the County Council will be finalising a strategy on how the next phase of the T&VRS will be implemented, and we will then formulate our ongoing strategy. Here is a list of the tourism projects that made it through this process:

  1. Daytripper Travelling Barge

    Day Tripper Barge – Kilcock Tourism Ideas
  2. Fixed Barge as Tourism Information Hub and Cafeteria

    Kilcock Tourism Suggestions – Fixed Barge Info Hub & Cafe
  3. Watercraft Rental

    Watercraft Rental – Kilcock Tourism Ideas
  4. Royal Canal Museum / Coffee Shop / Renewable Energy Education Centre (including a pair of micro hydro power generators)
    Royal Canal Museum incl. Micro Hydro Power Generators – Kilcock Tourism Ideas



  1. Love the fixed barge with coffee shop. Also be great to have pedestrian footbridge across canal at both ends 🙂

  2. I think 1 Day Tripper Travelling Barge, 2 Fixed Barge as Tourism Hub and Cafeteria and 4 Museum are great ideas. Not only will they provide for the local communities and schools they would also draw other people to the area bringing life back to the centre of the village. Hopefully these people would also call into local shops, cafes and restaurants.
    I feel 3 the water craft rental would need some more thought and development. I worry this would just draw youths/teenagers to the areas and there would be a lot of hanging around by them. For this to go ahead and be successful I feel there would need to be some other outlets for teens to draw them away from just hanging round the water. As teenager do not have an endless supply of money.

  3. Day tripper travelling barge is a good idea. I think it would be useful to have a number of designated stops similar to the way a cruise linear operates. E.g one hour break in a couple of locations for people to see sights, have lunch, go explore etc.

  4. I think it would be really sad to see existing water users and clubs impacted by fixed barges or poluting activities on the canal put in to serve one off visitors. It would be good to se proper environmental impact statements done on these activities.

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