KBA 2019 Membership

It’s that time of year again, your KBA membership is now due for renewal for 2019 – and we need your continued support. After another successful year, Kilcock Business Association look forward to working towards new goals for 2019/2020.

Our Achievements for 2019

Last year your membership contributed towards:

Lighting up Kilcock for Christmas

The KBA are solely responsible for the Christmas lights in Kilcock. 2018 saw an extension up New Road towards Callagy’s Pharmacy and a great evening of entertainment and refreshments (thanks to loacal busisnesses) for the official switching on ceremony. The total cost of the Christmas Lights is just over €9,000.

Working with Local TDs and Councillors

Every year we work with local TD’s and Councillors to resolve issues affecting Business Owners in the town. After a successful campaign to prevent parking meters we are happy to be involved with the 2 hour free parking. We are now working with Kildare County Council to resolve the issue of parking for business owners. Update to follow

Ensuring Greenway Reaches Full Potential

We have worked closely to ensure the Greenway project reaches its full potential for growth and tourism in Kilcock.

Light Industrial Units – To be Announced

Representing the urgent need for light industrial units in Kilcock and possible rezoning of land. To be announced.

Promotional Video

In 2018 we hired a local videographer to shoot a promotional video for Kilcock as a growing town. The brief was ‘Kilcock is open for business’. We are delighted with the result and we are now working on part 2.

St Patrick’s Day

Every St Patricks Day the KBA run the Duck Race, this helps bring and keep people in the town on this very important business day. We also offer local businesses the opportunity to sell Ducks in their premises.

This year we hope to accomplish:

We Need Your Support For 2019!

We can’t do this without your support. Membership is now open for 2019 with a closing date of March10th. The membership fee is €75. You will receive unlimited facebook advertising through our facebook page. An opportunity to take part in Part 2 of our promotional video with an audience of 10k people locally. You can pay through securely on our payments page with option to pay through Stripe or bank transfer. 

Workshops – Developing The Royal Canal Greenway as a Tourist Destination

Irish Waterways are holding a series of Capacity Building Workshops looking at developing the Royal Canal & Greenway as tourist destination. The Kilcock Business Association believe this is a great opportunity for local Kilcock businesses, service providers and local community groups to attend these clinics and get a clear idea of proposed partnerships, future developments, proposals and ideas for the development of a tourism industry around the Royal Canal and Greenway.

What great ideas do you have for setting up a service / event / business / recreation activities around the Kilcock Canal and Greenway?

Next workshops:

  • Monday, 4:30pm, 2nd July 2018 in Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth
  • Tuesday, 4:30pm, 10th July 2018 in Longford Arms, Longford.

Following event in Longford:

Developing the Royal Canal around Kilcock as a Tourist Destination

The beautiful photo of Kilcock Harbour at dawn was taken from the Waterways Ireland Facebook page..

From Irish Waterways:

These workshops will focus on the development of Blueway and Greenway trails on and along the 144km of canal and canal towpath from Dublin to Longford. Once complete,  Royal Canal will be the longest off road walking and cycling Greenway trail on the island of Ireland. Accompanying this will be a series of Blueway developments, the first being located in Mullingar where a 22km paddling trail and activity hub will be established.

The workshops will encourage the development of activity based packages, dining and accommodation packages and promotional materials which will activate the region and place the product in the ‘shop window’ for both the domestic and international tourist.

More information about this event on the Irish Waterways.

waterways ireland workshop for development of royal canal and Greenway.

Kilcock Tourism Group – Possible Projects

After the recent Town Health Check undertaken by Cathal OMeara Architects on behalf of the County Council, some of the projects put forward by the Kilcock Tourism Group have been shortlisted for consideration under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme (T&VRS).

Over the next few weeks the County Council will be finalising a strategy on how the next phase of the T&VRS will be implemented, and we will then formulate our ongoing strategy. Here is a list of the tourism projects that made it through this process:

  1. Daytripper Travelling Barge

    Day Tripper Barge – Kilcock Tourism Ideas
  2. Fixed Barge as Tourism Information Hub and Cafeteria

    Kilcock Tourism Suggestions – Fixed Barge Info Hub & Cafe
  3. Watercraft Rental

    Watercraft Rental – Kilcock Tourism Ideas
  4. Royal Canal Museum / Coffee Shop / Renewable Energy Education Centre (including a pair of micro hydro power generators)
    Royal Canal Museum incl. Micro Hydro Power Generators – Kilcock Tourism Ideas


Success for Kilcock, Let’s Go Digital

The reality of today’s market is that your customers are online and using social media. While there are many simple reasons that businesses do not want to adopt the ‘hassle’ of social media platforms, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to avoid it. Your customers are changing and the vast majority of them are now online and we all need to be Digital Marketing experts. In Ireland 64% of internet users have a Facebook account, that works out as a little over 2.2 million people. 89% of Irish households now have access to the internet and mainly use it for shopping, email and social media.

One of the things that we have to remind ourselves of in Kilcock is, that we are based in a small commuter town. This means that much of our population is working 9-5 and travelling to Dublin and other towns before and after those times. Their mobile devices, busy family lives and work demands mean that they are often too busy to find the information they need. Gone are the days of looking a business up in the golden pages and if we need information, such as, ‘Where do I get school books?’, ‘What time are my butchers open until?’ or ‘Is there a solicitor in Kilcock?’. We as businesses need to be visible to answer these questions at all times of the day.

So what as businesses can we do with Social Media that makes it so valuable?


Social media platforms offer the customer an opportunity to find out more about our businesses when they are on the go, for example, Facebook offers you the option of displaying your opening times, website, price range, location and contact details. Since many users of Facebook use the platform to search and find information about businesses, it’s worth having this information available.

You also have to ‘be in it to win it’, your competitors may also be on social media and they most likely have different times, promotions, information and interaction. You can benefit by being there and carrying out different activities. Your competitor may also not be on social media, so you can immediately extend your reach by simply being there.


The nature of Social Media and the ability to constantly update and showcase information means that you can keep building awareness of your business all the time. Instagram allows us to display beautiful and aspiring images and it can work very well for brands that are very visual such as food, health, fashion and beauty.

Awareness can be built through sharing information that may be of interest and importance to the customer, such as articles and how to videos. This information has little to do with sales and consists mainly of reminders that your company is there.


This is one of the most obvious uses of social media. With business accounts, we can promote our services and products. It gives us a platform where we can display new stock with beautiful images, without the need for complicated code or to contact web development agencies. We can also inform customers of specific offers or remind them of upcoming dates that may be important – flowers on valentine’s day or tools for fathers day.


Social media is not just about shouting out to your customers about your next promotion or your newest product, it is also about the conversation. traditional media and advertising only offered us a one-way channel of communication. However social media platforms give us the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with our customers and this can happen at any time of the day. Your customers will comment on your products, ask questions about your businesses such as what you have in stock when you are open and do you have specific facilities that they may require. You will also have some customer service questions and sometimes just a nice chat about your products. For more personal or sensitive queries, customers have the option to private message you too.

One of the unique features is, you can reach your valued and engaged audiences with important announcements. As I write this we are in the throes of storm Emma or #BeastFromTheEast where businesses, public transport and other services are creating a constant stream of updates about opening times, running times, postponement of events etc. As this indicates you can announce any interruptions in normal service, maybe your getting unplanned electrical work or all your sold out of bread?


This is a powerful part of social media that can often be overlooked by many businesses. Through our platforms, we can gain more information about our customers. We can gain demographics – age, location, gender – and many of the platforms will inform us of topics of interests for our audiences. You may find information that you were not aware of such as your local pub’s VIRTUAL audience has a great interest in music so you may take action with this and hold live music nights and another section interested in literature so you can develop a quieter area of your pub for reading or accommodate a book club.

Social media has become a vital part of a business’s online presence and supports the offline activities in a vast number of ways. Customers turn to social media to answer questions that they may have about your business and this can be at any time of the day. It is important that you have an active and informative social media account that can support your business and gives you a modern, digital shopfront. After all, it was Pope Francis who said “Text messages and social media are a gift from God” you can’t really get a better endorsement than that!

Avril Clinton Forde
As well as running her own small business in digital marketing Avril produces and delivers the FETAC Level 5 QQI Qualification for Online Digital Marketing to adults in Clane Scoil Muire. The course includes display advertising, email marketing, Google AdWords, social media marketing, SEO, Content management and blog writing, online reputation management and creating a media plan.

Kilcock is Open for Business – KBA Launches Promotional Video

The Kilcock Business Association has commissioned the first in a series of promotional videos showcasing Kilcock as a vibrant and growing community. With our rapidly growing population Kilcock is just the sort of place where you might want to setup or expand a business!

In the video a variety of local business owners talk about why they chose Kilcock to start their new business. Members also talk about how KBA has helped them establish a larger network of customers and business contacts. Barry Prendergast, Treasurer of the KBA:

KBA has in excess of a 100 members from all different types of businesses, from retail to within the town to every type of tradesperson to every kind of business.

Maria Mallon of Studio M spoke about why she joined the KBA:

When I setup Studio M a couple of years ago I thought it was really important to get involved with the Kilcock Business Association mainly because I think everyone needs help initially when they setup in a small town. Yes I know a lot of local people but new businesses come in all the time and they don’t necessarily. So I think it’s important because it’s a network of people there to help you when you don’t have all the answers all the time.

Why Choose Kilcock?

Our investigations into approved planing permission applications indicate a conservative estimate of a 41% increase of the population of Kilcock over the next few years. The establishment of larger businesses such as Aldi, Tesco, SuperValu and Costa in recent years reflect the positive growth potential of our town – not to mention the reinvestment in existing, family fun businesses and the development of new restaurants, services and other small businesses. Kilcock is open for business!

Kyle Delavari opened the doors to his new business venture Fitness Journey Kilcock in January this year and had this to say in the video:

I chose Kilcock for a number of reasons… I’ve lived here the last 5 years and have always been fond of the community. It’s great to get involved in the town as there’s a lot of great businesses…”

The KBA would like to thank all the businesses involved in the video for taking the time to help us make this video. They include: Rye River Cafe, Config.ie, Vivify Multimedia, Fitness Journey Kilcock, Studio M, John Ryan Butchers,   Especially we would like to to thank Stephen for his hard work the production.

The video was shot and produced by Stephen McDonagh of Vivify Multimedia along with the help and support of the Kilcock Business Association.

Cardiac Defibrillators in the Kilcock

The KBA would like to inform all its readers of the locations of Cardiac Defibrillators in the Kilcock area.
  • North Kildare Club, The Maws – Club opening times only
  • Kilcock Church, Church Street – Church opening times only
  • Dental Surgery, Courtown bridge – 24hrs availability
  • Kilcock GAA Club, Royal Meadows – Club opening times only
  • Kilcock Credit Union, The Square – Office times only
  • Musgraves Distribution, High road – Opening times awaiting confirmation
  • Kilcock Primary Healthcare, The Bawnouges – To be installed in the coming months.

De-Fib & CPR Training

The KBA will shortly announce a free training session in using the Defibrillators and include basic CPR.  Please subscribe to our newsletter or Like our Facebook to stay informed about our the training session.

Free Defibrillator & CPR Training to be provided to members by the KBA

Turning on the Christmas Lights

It was a wonderful evening full of Christmas festive spirits when the Christmas lights were turned on in The Square and along the Royal Canal – not forgetting our big and beautiful Christmas Tree and nativity scene. The big switch on took place at 6.45pm and we are so happy to have the SUSO Gospel Choir singing for the big crowd of locals that turned up for the event!

New Lights

This year the KBA have invested in new lights along the harbour as last year they were vandalised, so maybe as a community we could come together to keep an eye on the lights and report anything suspicious as it takes a huge chunk from the overall budget to replace lights.

Once again a huge thank you to all of the local businesses that have once again contributed to lighting up Kilcock this Christmas! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!